We were created to always be with God; for relationship with Him.  But sin got in the way.  So God sent His Son, Jesus, to repair our relationship because we were created to always walk with the Father and always be a part of Him.  So His plan for our lives is to use those of us whom He has chosen and who have accepted His gift of salvation, to influence the lost.  To bring them back to the original purpose of their being and that is to always be with Him.  So whatever He blesses us with is to be used to build God’s kingdom because He loves us so much and our relationship with the Trinity is the reason we exist.  The reason we are here is because of pure love.


About Lorraine B. Sellars

Intercessor, entrepreneuer, speaker, author, wife, mom, lover of life
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  1. zzzisle says:

    amen. the relationship is always there; it can be strained at times but it is still there.

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