Lorraine Sellars of The Acts Movement will be hosting her first statewide baby shower for single, low-income new moms and moms-to-be who are not already receiving public assistance. This event is designed to reach young ladies who find themselves alone and feeling unloved because they are single and pregnant.   Our goal is to allow them to experience the joy of pregnancy and to fellowship with other women who are just like them. I want every woman who attends to leave knowing that they are loved and cared for and that the child that they are carrying is truly a blessing. There will be four workshops, light breakfast, lunch, baby shower games, giveaways, and each mom will be allowed posterto shop in our store corner to pick up a bag full of items for their infant.  This event is free but participants must register and meet the criteria stated.  We also need donations of baby items/supplies and new clothes.  So when you’re out and about feel free to pick up wipes, diapers, bottles, etc and give me a call for pickup. Also email me at the name and contact information of the young lady who will be attending her baby shower. You can also contribute monetarily by going to our fundme page, just follow this link:

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pregnant and pretty

Everything we go through in life is allowed by the Father because He knows what we’ll need for the journey ahead. At the time we’re going through, it can be overwhelming and lonely, but even in that, God is teaching His children something. Our focus should always be on the plans of God as we seek Him for wisdom and understanding. Some things we bring on ourselves, but God is still saying, “all things work together for our good…” Being single, in my senior year of college and pregnant was my own doing, and at times I felt so alone and unloved, but God never gave up on me or changed His mind about me. He walked me through, not one pregnancy, but another one five years later as well, still single and often ashamed, but never, never alone! Now, almost thirty years later, God is calling me to host a statewide baby shower for other single, low-income, pregnant women; to encourage them, bless them, and give them spiritual guidance based on what I’ve been through as well. Draw from your journey, no matter how “terrible” it may seem, because someone you don’t even know today, will need to know tomorow, how you made it through. This statewide baby shower is all God’s plan, and I’m grateful He chose me to carry out His will.

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It’s time for us to put God first!! 2014 is a great year to realize that He has all the answers and the direction for this nation. Prayer has to be priority, not power nor position; these things come from Him but God is a God of order, and seeking Him above everything is the beginning of that order. The United States has come to depend more on the wisdom of men than the wisdom of God and that’s where problems begin. We can and must change our way of thinking and begin to inquire of God what our next move should be. This new year has the potential to be a year of truth and breakthrough but this nation needs those whom God has given positions of power to fast and pray!! Can you imagine the peace and new levels of understanding and prosperity that can be released if the White House called a fast like they called in the Bible? In Ezra 8:21, a fast was called for safety and protection; Esther 4:16 called for a fast in the midst of heavy catastrophe and the Jews were spared; national fasting was called forth in the Bible at times of extreme crisis. I would say that the United States is definitely in an extreme crisis situation!!
We are calling right things wrong and wrong things right. It’s time for a true strong leader to emerge who will not follow the same cookie-cutter pattern of the last 20 years, but will seek wisdom and direction from God on leading the country. Someone who knows they will have to answer to God for every decision made and every new law released. What hasn’t worked before or turned out well in the past suddenly will when we put God first. Isn’t this how this nation was founded in the first place? II Chronicles 7:14 needs to be posted in the Senate, on the Congress walls and in the White House: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Fasting and prayer…not an option, but a command that we need to follow!!Pray_for_Our_Nation

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silence_is_golden-21948We all know the more you do for someone, the more they expect you to do for them. This lesson speaks so loudly in a parent/child relationship. As a matter of fact, the more you do for a child and the more you give them, the less they tend to appreciate it. They begin to lose respect and feel like it’s something you have to do for them; they even feel they can do and say anything and still get what they want or need. But there is a level of respect and honor that should not be crossed, and when crossed, it should not be tolerated. I see a lot of us treating God the same way; we expect Him to immediately come in and rescue us or fix our mess without us putting forth any effort. Oh we pray, we read our word, we do our devotions, but it’s all on a time schedule with no conviction and it’s not even every day. Our love is shallow! We mess up, cry, fall on our knees and apologize and then move on. Our children do this also, but over time this pattern loses it effectiveness, the apology is just empty words and soon are ignored all together because it’s not just your words, it’s your actions. So I now see and understand why there are times when God has to be silent in our lives for a while to really get our attention. In this, we learn how to really put forth the effort God expects of us as true sons and daughters. In this we learn the value of respect and we learn how to do all we can for ourselves before we turn to God to do all of it for us; we learn how to use the power He has given us in conjunction with His. Silence is golden indeed and I’m grateful for the lesson God teaches His children whom He loves.

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the promiseTrials, whether they be sickness or something else, has a way of changing the way we pray and the things we pray for. When life is going well, we tend to pray for things; we pray for increase in our finances, we pray for success, but it’s success in accordance to the world’s definition. We pray for healing and we pray for each other, but it’s definitely not with the passion of experience. Sometimes the only thing you have is a promise; you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but you believe God’s word even when the pain is so intense you’re unable to pray you can stand on a promise. If He said it, we need to rehearse it and put our faith to work. Faith and works are inseparable.

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tree pathWhen we say “yes” to God we are saying “no” to the world and sometimes the “world” are the people in our own house! The rewards of ministry are oftentimes hidden and delayed, only the one God has truly called understands why they do what they do without the benefits that others expect right away. Anyone can work for the kingdom and answer God’s call when everything is flowing and they see instant rewards. When the family is pleased because they recognize monetary value attached to what you’re doing for God, all is well. But it’s a totally different scenario when you truly discover who you are in God and the reason you are here. I believe God calls us and then gives us the opportunity to prove that call. How many people are willing to work for ANYBODY and not get paid, but rather end of paying? How many people are willing to give up sleep and personal “me” time to spend time in the presences of God and His word? To bless others without proper appreciation? To stand with you because you received a “God said” and no one else heard it? Not many. Prepare to be abandoned by the masses as God does an internal work in you in preparation for the overflow that awaits. Just do it for the kingdom without expecting anything, and then watch God give you your heart’s desires. It’s hard, lonely and misunderstood, but it’s a love thing yall.

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The Challenge is now

The Challenge is now

We are to leave an inheritance for our children’s children according to the Bible, but most of us are struggling just to make it from day-to-day. We have no nest egg, no savings, nothing set aside for the unexpected. The reality is we spend our working years trying to impress others, hoping to hit it big, waiting for someone else to leave us something significant or looking for our big break. We have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery, yet we take our last, even against all odds, to purchase that “lucky” ticket.
The unexpected is not unexpected at all. Cars break down, homes need repair, rent increases, children get sick, clothes and shoes wear out…stuff happens and most of us are not prepared. One-in-four Americans don’t even have a single penny saved; nothing at all set aside for a rainy day. It’s time for change. Join the challenge, get on board with The Acts Movement and join us as we take the 52-week money challenge. We’re doing it together and we’re committed to holding each other accountable. It’s past time to experience something new–hoping along won’t bring results. Women being there for each other—join the movement today ladies!!

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let-the-journey-begin[1]How can you go through life year in and year out and not know who you are? For me, it was because I never gave myself permission to be me. I allowed others in my life, siblings, parents, aunts, even elementary school teachers to tell me who I was and therefore shape who I would become. I accepted their opinions of me as truth which caused me to deny who I was and what I wanted my life to look like. I knew my strengths and I knew what gave me joy, but I felt I could only be me in hiding, thereby never being able to share my desires because of ridicule. But now…all bets are off and I’ve wasted enough time, now it’s time to be who I was created to be for the kingdom.
Day 1 of the 40 Day Soul Fast, Awareness, has already opened my eyes to truth, I never needed to look at myself before to answer the question, “who am I?” because I let others decide so I really didn’t know. God gave me a voice and a mind but I allowed others to silence them. This is going to be the most amazing 40 day journey I have ever taken and when I’m done there will be great transformation. You ain’t seen nothing yet, the best is yet to come. My latter will be greater than my past and that’s something to shout about!!!

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Day of Pentecost[1]“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place…All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” What awesome power and great strength we have available to us by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When the body works together in harmony, the enemy hasn’t got a fighting chance. We already know that the prayers of the righteous avalieth much and that with just a little faith, we are able to move mountains. So it’s time to change the landscape. So I speak to your mountain of debt, your mountain of guilt, your mountain of unforgiveness and pain and I say be thou removed into the depths of the sea. Be free from those chains of the past and walk in His unchanging and unfailing love. The creator of the universe says you’re worth it, He says you’re delivered, He says you’re His. Nothing else anyone else could possibly say matters at all.

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